Product Design / Art Direction / 2012 / Bangalore, India

Amanté is a lingerie brand in India and they came to Happy for a ‘breakthrough’ advertising campaign for their range of products. Our advertising team came up with an award winning campaign ‘Break Up with the wrong bra’, the premise of which is that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size of bra. This campaign broke the stigma around body shaming and educating women about the importance of wearing the bra that fits well.

The Amanté Body Band was a by-product of this campaign that would be available as an aid to interpret and simplify the calculations that are associated with finding the right fit. While the calculations were provided to us by the client, the design and the visual interpretation of those calculations was designed by me. Using bold colors, I broke down the calculations into easy to follow directions implemented on a satin ribbon that was then given away in-store as well as in magazines.