OpenIdeo: How to increase the number of registered bone marrow donors to save more lives?

Abstract / Concept Prototyping / Design Thinking / 2011 / London
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, iMovie

GIVE2GET Cancer Insurance (hypothetical branding) is a policy that offers 'returns' to people who register as donors for stem cells. These returns are long term and work like any other life insurance policy offered by insurance companies or other financial services. GIVE2GET is one of the "good" policies that serve dual purposes - a part insurance towards a deadly disease and monetary returns on maturity. This process can lure people into registering for donation not only through a medical insurance of sorts but also a substantial monetary return at maturity. More the people buy into the idea, bigger is the number of registries, bigger the bank, eventually churning out bigger returns for the donors!

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